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Customized Israeli Experience

Send mail to Customized Israeli Experience
Send mail to Customized Israeli Experience

At A Glance:
  • Custom tours
  • Relates to clients fields of interest
  • Offers a personal connection to places and people
  • Can make all travel/hotel arrangements
  • Great for Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours

About This Vendor:

"There is a story behind every door. I lead visitors in Israel to the stories closest to their hearts," says Erez Strasburg, CEO of "Customized Israeli Experience". His company hosts tourists, businessmen and families from abroad in accordance with their timetables, their fields of interest and the diversity they bring with them.

70% of the tourists/visitors to Israel are repeat visitors. They have already seen the traditional tourist attractions and seek a unique personal experience. Erez Strasburg, is the perfect guide, having worked with people from all over the world. His personal stories, his attentiveness, and his curiosity about each visitor's background make all the difference between a conventional tour and a personal experience. The encounters with people and places remain fixed in visitors' hearts, and bring them back to Israel time and again.

"As someone who worked as a shaliach in the San-Diego community, I understand the wish to feel Israeli for a moment or at least to get to know the unique Israeli way of life. Israel is a religious, national, and cultural destination. The first two aspects have a strong lobby, but it is rare for someone to connect you as tourist to something that truly moves you."

Erez creates his trips according to the visitors' unique personal interests. Only with him can a young Bat-Mitzvah girl from London play football with a youth team in Yeruham, an Italian designer who derives his creative inspiration from riding his motorcycle get to know Tel Aviv by bicycle, and a couple from New Zealand that offers hospitality to Israelis abroad visit the house in Jerusalem where Herzl once spent the night.

"It is my mission, as someone who is deeply connected to Israel, and as a businessman who wants to make a living doing what I love, to connect worlds through people," says Erez. "I'm a father of three, two of them twins, and I look ahead with pride – I too have a stake in the future, in which the personal aspect will become an important part of global development and bringing people closer together."

Erez can organize your entire trip for you including all travel plans, transfers, hotel accommodations, and of course touring arrangements. Contact Customized Israeli Experience for more information.

Why We Like This Vendor:

Erez is very sincere in his wishes to create custom tours for his clients and to make each and every tour extraordinary, meaningful, and unforgettable. He adds an educational component that is terrific for kids of all ages. 

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